What happens if I deploy an AWS Code Pipeline via AWS CDK, but I already have 100 S3 buckets in my account?

When creating AWS Code Pipelines using AWS CDK an intermediate S3 bucket is created. This bucket holds the pipeline artifacts such as AWS Lambda code, or CloudFormation templates.

This means that you need room in your AWS account to create a new S3 bucket if you’re deploying your pipeline (You may created 100 S3 buckets per-account by default). If you’re already at this limit the AWS CDK CLI will give you an error like the below:

1An error occurred while validating the artifact bucket '{{this-is-generated-by-aws-cdk}}': No bucket with the name {{this-is-generated-by-aws-cdk}} was found. Choose a valid artifact bucket in 'us-east-1', or create a new artifact bucket to use in your pipeline. (Service: AWSCodePipeline; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidStructureException; Request ID: {{request-id-here}}; Proxy: null)